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MAJAY is a commercial partner of Real games in Nigeria whose main aim is to make easy and cheaper the learning of Industrial automation PLC programming and software usage (Siemens, Schneider and Allen bradly) .

We also provide factory IO software and license;PLC automation training, training kits and technical support to help ensure effective knowledge transfer to undergraduates, graduates, unemployed and employed anywhere in the world at low cost.    

Company Vision and Mission

To Develop People and make stronger industries.

What do we do?

  • Provide Stand-alone, Subscription and Floating License for Factory IO
  • Provide Industrial Automation training to undergraduates, graduates, experience Engineer and firms on Siemens, Schneider and Allen bradly PLC Softwares using Factory IO 3D
  • Provide Automation Training kits & Consultancy services in Industrial Automation.
  • Set up the Automation Laboratory for Industries, Training firms, Universities, Polytechnics, and Technical schools.
  • Train and develop undergraduates and graduates into an Automation expert in Siemens, Allenbradly and Schneider PLC and programming software
  • Collaborating with institutions to offer a certificate course in Robotics and Industrial Automation

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