• Inspection services and reporting (First level and Specific)
  • MCSA (motor current signature analysis) and Reporting 
  • Variable frequency drive (VFD) analysis
  • Vibration data monitoring, analysis, diagnostics and reporting
  • Thermal Infrared imaging, analysis and reporting 
  • Oil Analysis and Reporting (Transformer and Gearbox)
  • PM creation and Work Order System Management (SAP, MAXIMO, Angus AnyWhere)
  • Reliability and Asset Management Optimization
  • Equipment downtime tracking and OEE solution

What We Do 

We carry out data capturing with the art of the world diagnostic tools, analyze data and generate an action-oriented preventive and predictive maintenance report containing recommendations that would improve the health of the machine, eliminate downtime, improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and reliability. Detailed below are the test and analyses that could be carried out. 

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